Who Ported Evolution?
The tremendous amount of work that it took to port Evolution and its dependencies to Windows was done by Tor Lillqvist (and possibly others?). He, not us, deserves the credit. We put together a few scripts and an installer to make it easier for people who wanted to give Evolution on Windows a try.

What Makes Your Installer Different?
For starters, it exists. As far as we know, Novell has not publically released a Windows installer for Evolution. Here’s a small list that separates our installer from Evolution’s vanilla Windows release:

Our package contains an installer and not just a bunch of zip files of Evolution and its dependencies that the user is supposed to figure out and put together.
Our package does not cause an MS-DOS Shell window to be open during the entire time that Evolution is being used. We save screen real estate space.
Our package sets the environment paths automatically, which again makes things manageable for your ‘average’, non-geek user.

Which versions of Windows does it work on?
We’ve really only tested on XP and Windows 7, which it runs very well on. Your mileage may vary on other versions.

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